WHAT TO PACK - Japan 2018



There are many theories on what to pack when going abroad.  You can look at the above links to get a idea of some things to think about.  I suggest that you pack as light as possible.  The players will be wearing team USA gear during most of the trip.  I list a few things from my own experience.


Shoes: They can bring a nice pair of slides for comfort and some easy to slip on walking shoes.  If you bring slides please make sure they are in good condition.


Snacks: Snacks can be put in luggage.  It may be difficult to find similar snacks that the kids like there.


Gear: We will wear Team USA Gear Daily


Bags: Your allowed 1 50 pound check in bag and 1 carry on.


Money: You can send a couple of hundred dollars at the most.  I would send them with a credit card.  Most places will take credit cards and they can find ATM's that will dispense cash.




Swimsuit - Shorts are ok


Snacks -  Which food snacks can I take on board ANA flight to Tokyo? You can bring whatever food you want as a snack, subject to common sense (no super smelly foods, etc). As long as you eat on the plane, you will be fine. Do not pack up leftovers and bring them into Japan, especially fruit, meat etc. Leave it on board.


Int’l plug adapter 4 outlet - https://www.power-plugs-sockets.com/us/japan/


TRAVEL INSURANCE: https://trulytokyo.com/why-you-need-travel-insurance-for-tokyo/